Asiana Airlines Dhaka Office Phone Number, Ticket Reservation

Asiana Airlines is a South Korean airline with its main office in Seoul. In 2019, it made up 20% of South Korea’s domestic market and 25% of its international market.

Asiana Airlines Dhaka Office is one of South Korea’s most important airlines. with more than 100 planes and two million passengers each year. Since the beginning, in 1993. Asiana has been working hard to make flying cheaper. It serves most people by having low prices and easy services. It also gives you information about your destination that is up to date.

Asiana Airlines’ address in Bangladesh 

Plot 126 (ROSE PALACE) Road 108, Shikder Real Estate, Western Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209.

Make a Plan for Buying Tickets

  • +8801516338033
  • +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)
  • +8801575501601

Email: [email protected]

Choose your seat on Asiana Airlines

People who use Air Ticket Point to book a flight with Asiana Airlines. Passengers will be able to choose their seats ahead of time when they book their flights. (Free will be used if needed.)

  • Standard Seats – These are rows of standard seats. There is no set number for each seat.
  • Seats in First Class: These are first-class seats with more legroom. There are power outlets and extra storage space.

Baggage Allowance on Asiana Airlines Check-in bags

You can bring one carry-on bag with you on an Asian Airlines flight. People in Business Class and First Class can get two pieces. When it comes to carry-on bags. Glass bottles and jars (except those with a capacity not exceeding 100ml or 100 ml of liquid). Big bags that won’t fit in the overhead compartments. 

On domestic flights with bags checked:

Economy class: 1 piece, 20 kg max weight

business class: n/a

n/a for first class

From and to the Americas: 

1*piece, 23kg most

Business Class: 2 pieces, 32kg max per bag

First class: 3* pieces, each bag can’t weigh more than 32 kg

More flights between countries

Economy class: 1* piece, max weight of 23kg

Business class: 2 pieces, each bag can weigh up to 32kg

First class: 3* pieces, most weight of 32 kg per bag

Asiana Airlines has a branch office in Dhaka.

Use the Internet to find out more

Online check-in for domestic flights is only possible 24 hours before the flight. Online check-in for all flights starts 48 hours before the flight. Also, it closes an hour before flights to other countries. Also, half an hour before flights within the country.

Go to the airport and check in.

Time to check in for flights within the country. Is from 2 hours before scheduled departure to 20 minutes before scheduled departure. International flights start checking in two hours before they leave. until 15 minutes before the time they are supposed to leave.

Asia Pacific Airlines Codeshares

Asiana Airlines could sell a seat on an American Airlines flight to San Francisco. At the airport, the passenger will check in with an agent and get a boarding pass as usual

Asian Airlines has agreements with Air Astana

Air India, Air Busan, Air Canada, Air China, Air Macau, Copa Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines share flight numbers.Turkish Airlines is a Turkish airline.  Austrian Airlines, Myanmar Airways, and United Airlines are among the carriers.

Asiana’s frequent flyer program (asiana club)

The Asiana Club is one of the most well-known loyalty programs in South Korea and the rest of Asia. The goal of the company is to make travel more fun. So, they’ve made it easy for members to earn points when they use their credit cards.

Meals served on Asiana Airlines flights Asiana Airlines offers a range of meals

Asiana Airlines is the first airline in South Korea to serve seasonal and high-end food. The airline’s in-flight meals are based on Korean food. And they only use the best things. All the meals are made with seasonal, high-quality ingredients.

Asiana Airlines offers the following meals:

  • Fried rice with kimchi (Korean) (Korean)
  • Grilled beef sirloin sandwich (Korean)
  • Salmon with penne pasta (Italian)
  • Chicken in Pho (Vietnamese)

Special Food Needs of Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines lets people with special dietary needs make their own meals. It is necessary to ensure that passengers are not inconvenience.

There are the following meals for sale:

  • a meal for a child
  • For babies
  • Lunch for kids
  • Toddler Food
  • Nutritional Meal mediocre meal
  • Type 2 diabetes
  •  Raw Food Meal for the Religious Hindus that is Vegetarian
  • Meal for Muslims with Kosher Food
  • Vegetarian Jain Food
  • Vegetarian Asian/Hindu Meal
  • Other Food: Asking for Special Meals with Seafood.

Alcohol and drinks on Asiana

Asiana Airlines has always given the best in-flight service to its customers. Since its start in 1952, it has gone through a lot. Drinks and alcohol are a new service on Asiana Airlines. The first airline to use it was Asiana Airlines.

Taking babies on a flight

Babies (aged between one week and two years) (between one week and two years old). The following rules apply to domestic flights.

  • A child under two can sit on your lap or hold your hand. The child needs to be able to sit up straight on their own.
  • Babies younger than 2 years old. are not to take long-haul international flights unless it is absolutely necessary.

Asiana Airlines’ economy class

  • Economy Class is a good way to travel.
  • Pros of flying in the economy class
  • Excellent customer service, award-winning food, and a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Asiana Airlines Business Class gives kids top priority with its modern fleet.
  • From booking flights to landing.

Pros of flying business class

  • Use Priority Check-in.
  • Business Class has a lounge.
  • First in line
  • Bigger is better. Fine dining.
  • Features and Amenities

Details about Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines first started flying in 1988. And is a South Korean airline that is based in Asiana Town in Seoul. Asiana Airlines is the second biggest airline in South Korea, after Korean Air. The airline has 14 routes in the United States and 90 routes in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.


1.Should I take Asiana or Korean Air?

There isn’t a clear winner between Asiana and Korean Air.  In short, it’s obvious that you should go to Asiana or Korean Air.

2.Does Asiana provide blankets?

Every seat has a pillow and a blanket. The pillow is a little small, so I like to use it to support my lower back instead of my head. The thin blanket feels like a “snuggie.” 

3.Is Asiana a cheap airline?

Asiana Airlines is one of the most affordable airlines in South Korea.  Its headquarters are in Seoul. When it started out in 1988, the airline flew Boeing 737 Classics to Gwangju and Busan.

4.Does Asiana Airlines need you to wear a mask?

For the safety of passengers and airline workers. Masks must be worn at check-in, boarding. And on domestic and international flights.

5.Is there a place to charge your phone on Asiana?

Enjoy the most comfort possible. And find it easy to get to the aisle. This high-tech system adjusts the angle of your seat back.  And leg rest to match the shape of your body for the most comfort. You can charge your devices with our power plugs and USB ports.

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