3 Tips for Nailing the Gothic Style

Have you been looking to add gothic style to your life but aren’t quite sure where to begin?

Gothic is an ultra-relaxed look. The overall effect is a blend of dark, creepy, and mysterious. Gothic fashion is also highly versatile. It can be worn in multiple settings, at night or during the day.

If you’ve been on the outside looking in, you might be wondering how to dress goth. Luckily, it’s not hard to begin incorporating the gothic style into your life.

Keep reading for our tips on the most basic goth fashion tips and tricks.

  1. Start With Classic Pieces

Clothes that nail the Gothic style allude to a sense of dark romance. Think dark clothing, such as velvet, leather, brocade, or lace. Add touches of black to the look and then incorporate splashes of darker, moody hues like navy and burgundy.

When looking for Gothic clothing items, consider corsets and pieces with traditional prints like plaid stripes and tartan. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Pair a long, lacy Victorian blouse with a tight leather skirt and knee-high boots, or try dark floral prints with a velvet top.

  1. Add Some Accessories

Fishnets, chokers, and classic heavy metal chains and spikes are invaluable accessories for achieving that bold and rebellious gothic look. By stocking up on all three items, one can layer and combine them in many ways.

Additionally, rings, earrings, and necklaces will bring the look to the next level. Adornments such as black crosses, lace, and faux leather add a unique touch and draw attention to the wearer. Skulls, bats, and crescent moons often appear in gothic-style jewelry and make excellent conversation pieces.

Finally, a selection of bracelets, anklets, and toe rings will bring the look all the way together. From statement necklaces and chunky bracelets to studded earrings and spiked rings, there is much gothic jewelry found here and there that can elevate any look.

  1. Invest in Some Good Quality Makeup

A classic smoky eye look can be created with some fine-quality eyeshadow. Use a mix of black and gray hues, and don’t forget to blend them to get the desired effect. Opt for intensely colored eyeliner and a few coats of lengthening mascara to make your eyes stand out.

For the lips, bold colors like black and dark red are best suited for the gothic look. Instead of matte lipstick, go for a glossy finish to add a bit of shine and drama to the look. You can even go for a subtle shimmer to match the smoky eyes.

With the perfect combination of makeup, you’ll be all ready to go gothic and keep up with the fashion trends!

Be Creative and Have Fun With Your Gothic Style

The gothic style is easy to achieve if you stick to the general principles and add your unique touch. Create looks that fit your personality and focus on dark and dramatic pieces. Remember to keep the look cohesive and organic for the best results!

Get gothic styling today!

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