Divorce Mediation or Litigation: Which Option is Appropriate for Your Situation?

For some people, divorce is a confrontational experience. However, a lot of couples can work collaboratively on their divorce. If…

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Four Crucial Things When Getting Divorce

Getting a divorce is never an easy process. It may be simple, but you need to go through a legal…

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The Basics of Defamation Case and Role of an Appellate Lawyer

Defamation is a legal term that alludes to an assertion or communication that hurts the reputation of an individual or…

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Does a DUI Checkpoint Constitute An Illegal Search Under the Fourth Amendment?

More than 10,000 people are killed each year in the United States due to drunk driving. So it should be…

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Can Time Spent In the UK On a Student Visa count Towards British Naturalisation and Immigration Rights?

Can time spent in the UK on a student visa count towards naturalisation and immigration rights? According to My Legal…

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What to Do After a Side-Impact Collision

There are thousands of incidents of side impact collisions around the world. While the car is designed to take the…

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