What to Do After a Side-Impact Collision

There are thousands of incidents of side impact collisions around the world.

While the car is designed to take the brunt of a collision, the occupants are still subjected to a lot of force. You can suffer many different types of injuries, and you should never continue driving if you are injured or need to exchange information and insurance coverage.

You should also take some preventative measures the next time you get in the car. After an accident, here’s what you should do.

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Understanding Your Right to Medical Care

After a side-impact collision, it is important to understand the repercussions of and potential hazards of the accident. Immediately following the accident, it is important to seek medical treatment and assess any potential or visible injuries.

Understand your right to medical care following the accident and seek out treatment as soon as possible, regardless of any visible or voiced injuries.

Acquiring a Police Report and Navigating Insurance Claims

After a side impact collision, it is essential to acquire a police report and navigate insurance claims in order to move forward in the recovery stages. First, in most states, it is important to acquire a police report in case of any future legal disputes.

Secondly, contact your insurance company with information on the collision to start the claims process. You will be required to provide your insurance provider with the full details of the accident, such as the date, time, and location, as well as information on any other drivers, witnesses, vehicle damage, and personal injury.

Differentiating Between Minor and Major Injuries

After a side impact car accident, you should differentiate between minor and major injuries. Contact the police for the more serious issues and have them initiate an investigation.

Document all your injuries with pictures and seek medical care if required. Generally, minor injuries like bumps and bruises can be treated with a cold compress to reduce inflammation.

Coping With the Emotional Effects of a Side Impact Collision

With any side impact collision, it is important to take the appropriate steps to ensure your emotional well-being is taken care of. After the collision, it is important to take deep breaths and remain at ease.

If possible, speak to someone you trust to get emotional support. Also, it may be valuable to seek professional help from a therapist with expertise in trauma, such as a clinical psychologist.

Taking Steps Towards Financial Recovery and Loss of Property

It is important to take steps toward financial recovery after a side impact collision. The property damages will likely be covered by your insurance company, but it is still important to collect evidence of your losses.

You should list the costs of any and all damage to your vehicle or any other personal property. Take pictures or video of all damaged areas and obtain receipts from reparation or replacement services.

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Explore Side Impact Collision Today

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family after a side impact collision. Seek medical attention as soon as possible, document the scene, and contact your insurance provider to file a claim.

Don’t wait – it’s important to get the help you need to feel safe and secure.

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