4 Tips to Help You Make Tough Life Decisions

We make decisions every single day. We decide on what we will eat during our meals to the route we should take to commute to work. When we talk about “tough decisions,” we probably think about choices that have a bigger impact on our lives like purchasing property, switching to another job, or demanding a salary raise at your existing job.

Some tough decisions can have an even more profound impact like those related to personal health or taking care of our loved ones. For some people, planning for a healthy, safe, and financially stable future may also classify as a tough decision. However, we all define these decisions in different ways. What may be a difficult decision for you, could be a walk in the park for someone else.

No matter how you define tough decisions, here are some ways to help you to make these decisions.

Visualize Desired Results

Consider what you desire to achieve before making tough decisions. Visualization is something intentional. Organizations strategize their plans around their long-term vision. Athletes, celebrities, leaders, and influencers credit visualization for their success. Olympic stalwarts and sports psychologists always mention their vision to win medals when they give media interviews, both before and after they win medals.

You can also do the same by visualizing your preferred outcomes before you get into the process of making tough decisions.

Do Your Homework

Before we make any decisions, tough or otherwise, we should start by collecting relevant data and information that will help us narrow down our options.

Let’s say you just finished high school and are now thinking about getting college admission. There will be several considerations before you make your choice. Some of the factors may be tuition fees, job placement rates, on-campus living expenses, and most importantly the utility of the degree you are pursuing. Once you gather this information, it will be much easier to evaluate and narrow down your options. You will be shooting blindly when deciding on college admission without collecting this data.

Think Hard About All Options

It is imperative to think long and hard about all your options. Focusing on just one option is a sure sign of struggle. Lay down all your alternatives and the paths they will lead to. Imagine it is a flow chart. If you make a particular decision, see where it leads.

For example, if you are in a situation where you have to decide on a medical procedure, you will most definitely want to know all the options on the table. This is a life-changing decision where you may also need to pay exorbitant hospital charges for that procedure. You will consider taking a second opinion, alternative medication or, a different type of procedure altogether. Making an informed decision will help boost your confidence about taking the path you finally choose.

Evaluate the Pros and Cons

No matter what the options are at your disposal, they will have their pros and cons. Evaluating the pros and cons of your options will help you correctly evaluate the end result.

Let’s say you receive a new job offer and are not sure if you should accept or reject it. Take a piece of paper. Note down “stay” or “go” at the top. List down all pros and cons of both options. Most times, the column with the longer list should be your preferred option.

Summing Up

Throughout your life, you will get into situations where you will have to choose among multiple bad options. This can make you feel overwhelmed whenever you face such a situation. However, if you follow the tips mentioned here, your tough life decisions will no longer remain tough.

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