5 Benefits of Investing in SEO Marketing

Did you know that 25% of all users click on the first Google result that shows up when they run a search? There aren’t many people who are willing to venture to the second page. If your site isn’t seeing a lot of web traffic, that’s most likely why.

You need to improve your ranking. The easiest way to do that is with SEO marketing. Not only does it make attracting organic web traffic simple, but it’s also easy on the wallet.

SEO can also help you build trust with your target audience, and it allows for all-day promotion. Check out this marketing guide to learn more.

1. Attract Organic Traffic

One of the major benefits of SEO marketing is its ability to bring quality organic traffic to a business’s website. You see, when someone performs an internet search, Google’s algorithm crawls through countless sites to look for keywords relating to what the user is searching for.

Using the right keywords isn’t quite enough to get you on the front page, however. You also need to offer relevant information and a user-friendly interface. Having an SEO strategy will allow you to tick all of these boxes.

2. Build Trust

When you provide relevant articles and answers to common questions on your site, you become an authority figure in your field. Customers will continue to come back to your site because they can trust what you have to say.

Again, Google’s algorithm will reward you as well by prioritizing your site in searches. Getting to the first page will cause users to trust you even more.

3. Save Money

If, for example, you run a bookkeeping company, you’ll need to invest in SEO for finance. Doing so will cost you money, but it’s still cheaper than other forms of marketing.

Paid ads are an ongoing cost that you’ll have to take care of every month on top of your other bills. If you’re a new company, covering that cost won’t be easy. Meanwhile, you only have to pay for SEO as you need it.

4. All-Day Promotion

SEO will continue to drive traffic to your site long after you lock up your office and go home for the day.

If you have a rough month and can’t afford to keep your paid ads up, they’ll go away. SEO marketing will have your back no matter how broke you are.

5. Bring People to Your Physical Location

If a person can’t decide where they want to eat, they’re likely to Google “restaurants near me” and read reviews. Once they find a place that looks promising, they’ll head there right away.

The question is, how do you make sure that your eatery shows up in that search?

The answer is to work local keywords into your SEO strategy. Doing so will increase your visibility and bring more people through your doors.

The Major Benefits of SEO Marketing

As you can see, the benefits of SEO marketing are endless. By using the right keywords and making your website more user-friendly, you increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google and building trust with your target audience.

For more marketing tips that will bring people through your doors, visit the Business section of our blog.

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