7 Home Renovation Tips for First-time Homeowners

Purchasing a new home is a life-changing moment that is worth celebrating. Almost six million homes were sold across the United States of America in 2022, and many required some home renovations to bring them up to their former glory. Home prices are rising nationwide, so taking on a home remodel project is a wonderful way to buy your dream home at a significant discount.

There’s much to consider when starting significant changes like a bathroom remodel or a kitchen renovation. Still, you can make it happen with the proper guidance and home renovation tips. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about how to start your home remodel.

Keep reading this article for helpful home remodeling tips for a smooth project today!

Invest in a Lock Box

Most homeowners who start a significant home renovation choose to leave their homes during construction. It’s noisy and messy and could involve toxic fumes inside your home. You don’t want to leave your home open to strangers and intruders when you’re not around.

You should also consider getting a lock box if you’re hiring a contractor to handle the renovations. A DIY project allows you to visit and work on the home on time. A contractor must enter the house early to renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

Most likely, you don’t want to wake up extra early to head to your home renovation project to let the contractor in each morning. Smart door locks are an excellent way to allow quick and simple entry and exit from your home renovation project. Everyone will enjoy peace of mind and security.

Spend Time in the Renovation Space

One of the most helpful home renovation tips you can use when you’re planning home upgrades is to spend time in the space. It’s impossible to picture what you want for the home remodel in particular rooms if you don’t spend time there to see the potential. Don’t commit to paint colors and furniture arrangements until after spending time in the space.

You’ll overwhelm yourself with the options you can choose from when you start looking at the home upgrade options for the kitchen or living room. Many homeowners find that their taste for paint and flooring changes as they spend more time in the space. Avoid picking out a carpet option you like until after you explore your Luxury Vinyl Flooring choices.

Set a Realistic Timeline

The anticipation is difficult to bear, but you’ll burn yourself out if you don’t set a realistic timeline for the home renovations. Anyone who has been through home remodels knows that it’s best to set a realistic timeline and do things right the first time instead of cutting corners or rushing to the finish line.

One of the home renovation tips you’ll hear time and again is that your home upgrades will take longer than you think. Set a longer timeline to avoid frustration and stress. Bathroom remodeling projects are especially time-consuming. It’s not an overnight process to put radiant-heat flooring and a new bathtub into your master bathroom.

The delivery process alone could take weeks. You still need to account for the contractor coming to remove the previous bathroom fixtures and replace them with your home upgrades. Patience is vital if you want a successful home renovation.

Expect the Unexpected

Murphy’s Law applies when you’re starting a home renovation project. Expect anything that can go wrong to end up taking a turn for the worse. Homes hide secrets; the more you find things to replace, the more issues you’ll discover. Pulling up the carpet to install your new flooring options could reveal significant damage to the wooden floorboards.

Uneven floors are another realistic setback you could face when you’re handling home renovations. You’ll need to contact the home inspector who inspected the home and take steps to repair the floor joist before moving forward with installing your new vinyl flooring.

Save some extra money for your home upgrades to cover any unexpected issues in your new home. Preparing for the worst will provide an efficient and stress-free home remodeling process.

Interview Multiple Contractors

Start making a list of potential contractors you can work with when you take on a home renovation. These contractors can provide home renovation tips and point you in the best direction for your home upgrades. The internet is an excellent resource to use when finding contractors near you to help you out.

Reading online reviews is a perfect way to narrow down your options. Once you’ve narrowed your contractor options down to three or four contractors, start interviewing the candidates. It’s the best way to weigh their experience and personality and gauge if they’re the right fit for your home renovations.

Start With the Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is always the best place to start your home renovation project. Kitchen remodels add the most value to your home, making them the perfect starting point. You can add other functional and exciting home upgrades after you finish updating your kitchen with new cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances.

Having an outdated kitchen makes living in your new home a tiring experience. A new kitchen with smart appliances allows you to move in and live a simple life without frustration and stress. It’s also the most significant cause of dust and debris in your home during the renovation process.

Starting with the kitchen first makes cleaning up and handling the rest of the home a breeze. You don’t want dust and debris landing on the paint you’ve applied to your new living room design.

Apply These Home Renovation Tips to Your New Home

Most homes aren’t a perfect fit for your family, but home renovation tips will lead you in the right direction for a comfortable and functional abode your family will love. Always start your kitchen renovation first since it provides the greatest boost to the home value, and consider your flooring options after spending time in the space. Your home renovations will go smoothly when you hire the best contractor near you.

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