A Guide to Your Hardwood Flooring Options in 2023

Your hardwood floors make your house a home, but they’ve become outdated. Is it time to find something new?

Many homeowners are opting to update their old hardwood floors to new ones each year. Part of this decision is to avoid wood rots and pests, such as termites.

But even if you don’t have to worry about that, there are other reasons for an upgrade more stylish and practical than an infested floor.

Take a closer look at your hardwood flooring options for 2023!

Oakwood Flooring

Oakwood flooring creates a timeless, classic look that adds depth and texture to any room. The natural luster and grain of oakwood create an elegance all its own. These types of flooring are incredibly durable, incredibly easy to care for, and incredibly long-lasting.

Hardwood can deepen with age, giving your home an added layer of character. Oakwood flooring can come in many variations. It ranges from naturally oiled or lacquered options to pre-finished ones.

No matter which route you take, Oakwood Flooring offers a durable, timeless beauty that will be a stylish addition to your home for decades to come. Make sure to check out a discount hardwood flooring that fits your budget today.

Cherry Flooring

Cherry flooring is known for its striking red hues. It gives rooms a warm, inviting ambiance. It is one of the harder hardwood flooring options. It makes it more durable and resistant to indentations and dents.

Its smoothness allows for easier maintenance and upkeep. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other hardwood flooring options. This makes it cost-effective.

Despite needing occasional waxing and occasional dusting, cherry flooring is relatively low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. With its inherent beauty, affordability, and resistance, cherry flooring is sure to be one of the premier hardwood flooring options of 2023.

Bamboo Finishes for Durable Hardwood Floors

Not only is bamboo a great choice for homeowners looking for an environmentally-friendly flooring option, but its durability makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens.

From the classic look of contemporary bamboo to the intricate detailing of strands of woven bamboo, homeowners are sure to find the perfect bamboo finish for their homes.

Bamboo flooring offers a low-maintenance alternative to more traditional hardwood floors, as it requires less frequent cleaning and sealing to maintain its shine and strength.

Parquet and Engineered Hardwood

Parquet floors are created from individual pieces of wood in a brick-like pattern for a unique, high-end look and feel. These pieces are typically pre-finished, making your job easier.

Engineered hardwood is constructed from layers of real wood, giving it a realistic look. Its unique stability and durability make it suitable for all types of climates.

Both options come in a variety of colors and species, from oak and cherry to bamboo, birch, and walnut, so you’ll have no shortage of options when choosing the right floor for your home.

Invest in the Best Hardwood Flooring Options Starting Today

Hardwood flooring is a timeless and versatile option for your home in 2023. With so many varieties to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t delay – take the first step today and start researching your options for the perfect hardwood flooring options for your home.

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