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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change a Watch Battery

Has your watch stopped working or started running slow? If so, it could be time to change your watch battery.

While many jewelers, watchmakers, department stores, and even online jewelry stores offer battery replacement services, it’s a simple procedure that you can easily do yourself. If you know how to change a watch battery, that is.

Keep reading to learn how to put a new watch battery in your timepiece.

Step 1: Open the Watch Case

If this is the first time you’ve had to change a watch battery, you may not be sure how to open the case. Here’s here to open different case types:

  • Snap-on case – This is the most common watch case and is held in place by pressure. To pry it open, you’ll need to use the watch case opener that came with your watch or another flat tool
  • Screw-on case – This kind of case is held in place with retention screws. Remove these with a suitable screwdriver and keep them safe while you change the battery
  • Screw-down case – This kind of threaded case back offers a tight, sometimes waterproof seal. The exact tools you’ll need to open screw-down case backs often depend on the manufacturer
  • Slot case – These have a groove on the back of the case where you can slot a coin and twist it anticlockwise to open

Step 2: Identify the Battery

Since there are many types of watch batteries, you’ll have to identify which you need. The battery part number is usually inscribed on the back or inside of the watch case or on the battery itself. When you have this information, you can buy the correct wholesale watch batteries online or from a jeweler.

Step 3: Replace the Battery

Making sure to note which side of the battery is facing upwards, take out the old battery. If it doesn’t pop out, use plastic tweezers when removing it to avoid scratches. Using these same tweezers, put the new watch battery in the correct position and place.

Step 4: Ensure the Watch Works

Before you close the watch case, make sure your watch is working. If not, double-check that you’ve installed the new watch battery correctly. You may need to put the case back on to see if this helps the battery sit in place and work as it should.

If none of these help, you should go to a watch repair shop or get in touch with the vendor or manufacturer. Depending on the issue and the cost of fixing it, you may have to choose whether to repair vs. replace your watch.

Step 5: Close the Watch Case

If your watch is working again, you can now close and reattach the case by using the same tools and method you used in step 1, only in reverse.

How to Change a Watch Battery

As this guide on how to change a watch battery shows, it’s a fast and simple process that’s easy to do yourself.

And the good news is, since watch batteries usually last two years or more, it’s not something you’ll have to do too often.

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