Are Electric Log Splitters Any Good?

In terms of power and splitting abilities, electric log splitters have not always been as strong as gas splitters. The power gap between the two has been decreasing over the years. Electric splitters have tons of power and are my favorite log-chopping tools. They can save me from the hassle of maintenance on my combustion engine, and they also save my back from manual cuts.

Different-sized, lumbuy electric models of strong splitters, such as a Kinetic log splitter, can handle different-sized pieces. Also, logs of different sizes can be passed through the machine. A log size can be determined by the electric log splitter’s splitting power.

However, a gas log splitting machine will usually have a greater amount of splitting force than an equivalent size electric splitter. But does that mean there is no benefit to an electric log-splitting machine? Let’s find our answer!

Electric Log Splitters Are a Great Choice

I remember being very similar to many people when I first heard about electric splitters. I assumed they would die quietly. Now, years later, electric log splitting has advanced from its humble beginnings. It is difficult to run a gas splitter due to rising gas prices.

Electric Log Splitters: The Advantages

When electric log splitters were first introduced, I was unaware of their benefits. One of their greatest advantages is the lack of fumes. The absence of fumes allows you to easily separate inside.

There Are Some Drawbacks.

  • They are less powerful than gas splitters but more efficient which is a nice compromise
  • They cannot easily cut down larger logs. You may need an ax for the final processing.
  • A reliable source of electricity must always be available

Types Electric Splitters

Three types of electric splitters are suitable for different types of work.

1. Consumer Grade

This is the most used electric splitter. These can be used to split logs at the campsite or home. They come with small wheels that allow for the movement of the mechanism. They are inexpensive and great for woodpiles of small to medium size.

2. Prosumer Grade

The prosumer quality is more durable than other grades. This model is ideal for handling large logs. While the electrical splitters are intended for use in the home, they can withstand up to 22 tons of force. The pivoting frames also allow for transportation between different areas.

3. Professional Grade

Lumbuy Professional grades are the strongest type of electric splitter. They are quite costly in comparison to the previous categories. They may have the option to be vertically positioned, which is uncommon. That is why you might order it directly from a manufacturer or an online distributor.

Is The Standing Splitter Worth The Hype?

The best electric splitters for hardwood workers are those who don’t require heat in large areas. They are lightweight and portable, so they can cut big blocks. Both gas-powered and electric log-splitting machines are appropriate for different types of users.


The choice of a splitter depends on your preferences and needs. A gas-powered splitter can cover a wider range of woods. If you do not split wood often and are not able to work with many types of logs professionally, you may be able to afford an electric one.

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