IC Markets is a forex trading company that belongs to Australia. The company should be working to provide solutions for complete beginners.

This market is one of the biggest forex traders online retail for foreign exchange and work. Asia and Europe are both finding their solution in forex trading and CFD through the IC Markets. IC Markets are currently working for the clients of South Africa.

It is important for providing the solutions to their problems. If you’re African or want to open an IC market south africa, you can open it online by using an international mobile number and providing some details. 


How to open an account in IC Markets


These markets do not have a proper office in South Africa for opening accounts. But they provide facilities to open their account by following simple steps. 

  • You should have email, phone number, and basic contact details.
  • You are also responsible for providing some personal details about yourself.
  • IC Markets are creating an option for this account opening survey to analyze.
  • The experience a person who enters the market and also for service in a better way.
  • You’ve to provide an international number and passport for account opening.

Types of account on IC Markets

Omit opening on IC markets south africa doesn’t have one single account category to adjust all accounts. You’ll find any accounts in the market that are good according to your needs.


Special account for traders of account discretionary and charge zero commission from meta.

True ECN

One of the best accounts which are good for expert advisors. You should provide less than a few dollars for 1:500 leverage.

C traders ECN

C readers ECN is a very fine account for scalpers and dedication of using for c traders account.


IC Markets should be safe or scam?

IC Market south Africa is one of the biggest brokers in the industry of forex trading.

As you know, any scammer shouldn’t get high ranks in the market. IC market is safe and trustworthy for online brokers and provides more value. Beginners and help them to find the solution to their problems. ASIC (Australian security investment commission) tested and approved. IC Markets for online brokers and regulate them in the industry.



  • Completely safe and secure for trading fewer tools available for researching
  • Qualitative education resources Protection issues 
  • No charges on deposit and withdrawal Investor protection problems



IC markets in south Africa provide you with one of the biggest sources of online retail services.

Every kind of person makes their account on IC Marktes not and especially user friendly. 

IC Markets are providing values to beginners.

You should visit IC Markets to visit the platform of META 4 or others to make your job easier.

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