Making Memories: The Best Corporate Retreat Locations Around the World

For corporate retreats, the world is your oyster! From coast to coast and continent to continent, there is a multitude of stunning corporate retreat locations that offer spectacular scenery, luxury vacation rentals, and inspiring experiences. 


Top 10 Corporate Retreat Locations


Here are our top 10 corporate retreat locations around the world:


  1. South Island, New Zealand: With its alpine lakes, rugged mountains, and snow-capped peaks, New Zealand’s South Island is a corporate retreat location of choice. Take in the stunning views and marvel at the native wildlife while enjoying some exciting activities such as jet boating or mountain biking.


  1. Costa Rica: The land of pura vida (pure life) is an ideal corporate retreat destination. With its lush rainforests and stunning beaches, corporate retreats in Costa Rica offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation, exploration and adventure. Plus, the laid-back vibes of this nature lover’s paradise will make corporate team building easy!


  1. Tokyo, Japan: From ancient temples to modern skyscrapers, corporate retreats in Tokyo offer a unique blend of the old and the new. Craft corporate team-building activities around cultural experiences such as a visit to Meiji Shrine or take advantage of the incredible shopping and dining opportunities available in this vibrant city.


  1. Bangkok, Thailand: From its bustling night markets to its magnificent temples, corporate retreats in Bangkok offer a unique corporate experience. Team building exercises can be tailored to include a visit to one of the city’s many attractions or a relaxing spa session for some corporate team pampering!


  1. Cape Town, South Africa: For corporate retreats that combine stunning scenery with modern amenities, look no further than Cape Town. With its iconic Table Mountain and beautiful beaches, corporate retreats here offer both inspiring views and plenty of corporate team building activities such as adventure sports and golf.


  1. Sydney, Australia: From the amazing Opera House to the stunning harbor-side beaches, corporate retreats in Sydney are an absolute treat! Enjoy corporate team building exercises on Bondi Beach or take a corporate retreat boat cruise with awesome views of the harbor bridge.


  1. Singapore: Corporate retreats in Singapore offer corporate teams the opportunity to experience one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Asia. With its wide range of corporate team-building activities, stunning architecture, and delicious food, corporate retreats here are sure to be a success!


  1. San Francisco, USA: From corporate team-building activities to sightseeing and shopping, corporate retreats in San Francisco have it all. Take corporate teams around famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or explore the city’s many neighborhoods for an authentic taste of The City by The Bay.


  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Corporate retreats in Amsterdam offer corporate teams the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. From corporate team-building activities on the canals to corporate retreat boat cruises and visits to famous museums, corporate retreats here are sure to be memorable!


  1. Paris, France: For corporate retreats that are equal parts corporate team building and corporate team pampering, corporate retreats in Paris are a perfect choice. From corporate retreat boat cruises on the Seine to corporate team-building activities at iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, corporate teams will love this romantic city.


How to Make Your Retreat Memorable


  1. Arrange for a group activity that gets everyone involved and working together towards a common goal. This could be something like a corporate retreat scavenger hunt, team-building exercises, or even just a group project.
  2. Make sure to schedule some downtime so that people can relax and enjoy the location. This is especially important if the corporate retreat is taking place at a far-flung destination.
  3. Ask everyone to bring something that symbolizes their company or themselves and arrange for a group exchange where people can share stories about why they chose each item.
  4. Incorporate local culture into corporate retreat activities, such as traditional cooking classes, cultural tours, or even a visit to a local market.
  5. Get everyone out of their comfort zones by participating in activities that challenge them and push them out of their comfort zones, such as rock climbing, white water rafting, or horseback riding.
  6. Have corporate retreat attendees give presentations about something they are passionate about and turn it into an interactive discussion.
  7. Schedule one-on-one time with corporate retreat attendees and use it to get to know them on a personal level.
  8. Host an awards ceremony at the corporate retreat for people who achieved milestones or goals within the company in the past year.
  9. Have corporate retreat attendees dress up in theme-appropriate costumes, such as beach attire or corporate dress code.
  10. Take corporate retreat attendees on a day trip to explore the local area and take in the sights.
  11. Host corporate retreat activities with an international flavor, such as language classes, ethnic cooking demonstrations, and cultural exchange programs.
  12. Invite corporate retreat attendees to show off their creative sides by hosting a corporate retreat talent show.
  13. Ask corporate retreat attendees to fill out a questionnaire that includes questions about their past experiences and how they’ve grown professionally since joining the company.
  14. Have corporate retreat attendees make presentations about something they feel passionate about, such as an environmental issue or a project they are working on.
  15. Take corporate retreat attendees on a nature hike or other outdoor activity that allows them to connect with the environment.
  16. Challenge corporate retreat attendees to come up with new ideas for the company, either in groups or individually, and have corporate retreat members vote on which idea is the best.
  17. Host a corporate retreat-wide photography contest with corporate retreat members submitting their best photos from the corporate retreat.
  18. Break corporate retreat attendees into teams and host a corporate retreat Olympics-style competition featuring activities such as tug of war, relay races, and trivia contests.
  19. Take corporate retreat attendees on a tour of the local area to introduce them to the culture and customs of the region.
  20. Allow corporate retreat attendees to have some downtime so they can catch up with each other and make lasting memories. This could include a corporate retreat pool party, beach barbecue, or bonfire night.


Whether you’re looking for corporate team-building activities, inspiring views, or simply a change of scenery, corporate retreats around the world offer something for everyone. Choose one of these amazing corporate retreat locations and get ready to make corporate memories that will last a lifetime!

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