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Men’s Black Jeans Maintenance Guide: Know How To Take Care Of It And Prevent Fading

When it comes to clothing everyone has their own sets of choices but you will find extensive similarities in the choices of men when it comes to black jeans. Anyone who likes to wear jeans has at least one pair of black jeans along with other colors and shades. 

However, black jeans for men have a kind of drawback which is the color starts to fade if you don’t properly wash and maintain the same. Although it is true that you cannot disrupt or hamper the fading process you can certainly maintain the jeans and prevent the shade from going away. 

In this article, we will share some well-known and widely used tips to help your black jeans maintain and retain their color for the long run so that you can enjoy wearing them whenever you want to. 

Valuable tips to maintain your black jeans and prevent fading

Here are some important tips that can help you protect and maintain your black jeans for a long time:

Black jeans should be washed inside out

Remember when you are washing your black jeans by hand or using a washing machine first turn the jeans inside out and then wash them by hand or keep them in your washing machine. This is an effective way to prevent any kind of fading on your jeans.

While the jeans remain inside out the fibers situated at the outside of your black jeans remain in a better condition while being washed, further avoiding any kind of friction caused during the washing process, and any kind of contact with the washing chemicals like laundry detergent gets reduced significantly. 

While washing black jeans avoid using the dryer to prevent any kind of fading. 

Prefer spot treatment instead of regularly washing jeans regularly 

You don’t always need to wash your jeans after wearing it just once or even if it gets stained at one particular place. Instead, you should try using the spot cleaning method which will help you get rid of all the stains on your black jeans and prevent the color of the jeans from fading faster.

You can use a small cloth, some detergent, and a little bit of water to remove the stains from your black jeans. In case your jeans have any kind of grease stains you can use a strong household cleaner available at your local grocery store. 

In case you are worried about the odor after wearing the black jeans then you can use a mixture of water and vodka, spray it on all over your jeans and keep it in your freezer overnight. With the help of this method, you can remove any kind of pungent smell or odor from your jeans.

Use like color clothes while washing

When you are washing black jeans especially if it is a new one then you should wash it with other dark-coloured clothes. This is an extremely essential method you should follow if you want to retain the color of your jeans for a long time. 

While you wash your clothes the dye from the fabrics gets released, therefore, if you are washing the same colored clothes together (black) then the fading of your clothes will be minimal. Moreover, the chances of your other colored clothes getting affected by the black color will be zero. 

Soak the jeans with white vinegar and salt 

In case you have recently dyed your black jeans you should pre-soak the cloth in a mixture of salt and white vinegar. This mixture will help your jeans hold the color properly and prevent the fading of your cloth. Depending on the total number of black jeans you want to dye you will have to follow certain measurements. 

Also, remember not to wash your black jeans after each time you have made it go through the dye-setting treatment and while you are handing them for drying select a shaded yet airy spot.

Final words

Mostly the color of the clothes fades away if they receive excessive heat and the same is applicable when it comes to black jeans for men. For the same reason, you are not allowed to keep your black jeans in the dryer for an elongated period of time after it has been washed in the washing machine.

It will be a better option to dry your clothes directly instead of using the dryer. However, in this case, you will also have to be equally careful because the ultraviolet light from the sun can effectively harm the color of your clothes. Therefore, you need to put your black jeans in a place where there is less amount of sun rays available. The above-mentioned methods are equally applicable if you have recently dyed your black jeans. 

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