Security Bollards: Pros and Cons Explained

Security bollards or traffic bollards are used for many different purposes. They are sued to maintain, manage and control the flow of traffic. They are also used to provide security for buildings and offices, etc.

Bollards are in use all around the world for a very long time. They are made in different styles, shapes, and materials to fulfill different needs and requirements. For example, bollards made for controlling traffic need to be made with heavy metals because they are intended to provide hindrance from collision and to reduce the impact of the collision. That is why they have to be made strong enough in order to serve the purpose.

Similarly, bollards used for guiding the traffic do not need to be made from heavy material they can be made from lightweight materials as well like plastic, etc. For example, bollards used at construction sites to warn the traffic are made of plastic because they are only for informing the traffic and not to restrict them.

Pros and Cons of Bollards

Bollards are no doubt a very useful product, especially for traffic management and control purposes. However, every product has got some downsides as well. The pros and cons of bollards are described below.

Pros of Security Bollards

  1. Pedestrian Safety

Bollards work as a safety product in heavy traffic areas. They provide safety for pedestrians by avoiding vehicle collisions and protecting against them. Bollards and security posts are made with heavy metal and steel in order to provide security and lessen the impact of collisions. They are placed permanently in the ground so that they can remain steady in case of collision. That is why these bollards are also termed fixed bollards because they remain fixed in the ground. They are placed along the roadside, around parking lots, and outside public parks to provide safety for pedestrians. Similarly, these bollards also help to guide pedestrians towards a clear way with less traffic so that they cannot become hindrances in the flow of traffic.

  1. Security for Vehicles

Bollards are placed in heavy traffic areas to prevent the collision of vehicles. They are made of heavy material like concrete or steel, etc in order to resist the collision or to withstand the impact of the collision. These bollards are also used to guide traffic toward a specific area. Similarly, they can also be used to restrict the traffic entering some specific area. These bollards used for guiding purposes need not be made of heavy material. They can be wooden or plastic as well because their basic purpose is guidance not controlling the traffic.

  1. Aesthetic Value

Bollards are also used to add aesthetic value to a place or building. They are also installed to match the surrounding like the landscape or scenery, etc. These are called decorative bollards. They are available in customized designs and colors to match the surrounding theme. For example, lighted bollards are used in public parks on walkways to guide people at night time. Similarly, wooden bollards are placed in theme parks and public parks. They not only match the surroundings but also add aesthetic value to the place and its surroundings.

  1. Good for the Environment

Another advantage of bollards is that they are also eco-friendly and they help to reduce deforestation. Therefore, they help to protect the environment. Bollards made from concrete or PVC are not only sustainable but also help protect the environment. These sustainable materials do not rust or corrode easily and last for years which is also a considerable advantage. This also means less maintenance is required for these bollards.

  1. Less Expensive

Another positive point of bollards is that they are very less expensive as compared to other security site features. They are also easily maintained and come with easy installation features which also help to reduce the overall cost.

They come in different shapes which makes them easier to install without having to dig down the soil thus reducing any extra cost. They are also made of sustainable, sturdy material which helps to last them long and thus reduce any long-term costs.

Cons of Security Bollards

  1. Space Requirements

One of the biggest disadvantages of bollards is that they need bigger space requirements for proper installation. In this way, many places that require bollards are unable to install them due to a lack of space. If they are installed without proper space, they obstruct the flow of vehicular traffic and foot traffic as well. The hindrance in the flow of traffic can cause accidents which is the biggest drawback.

  1. Bollards can be Confusing

If bollards are placed without proper installation procedure, they can be confusing sometimes for vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic. They are often placed as dividers to differentiate space for foot traffic from the road. However, sometimes people find it confusing and hit cars while parking on the roadside. Similarly, pedestrians can also get hurt while trying to cross or going above it.

  1. Accidental Damages to Vehicles

Another biggest downside of security bollards is that they cause huge accidental damage to vehicles. Heavy-duty bollards are the main cause of accidental damage to vehicles. Many accidents are reported each year in different parts of the world that are caused due to security bollards.

  1. Plastic Bollards are not Strong Enough

Another disadvantage that is related specifically to plastic bollards is that they are not long-lasting. That is why they are not cost-effective because they are worn out early and easily. They are mostly used for decorative purposes rather than security or safety purposes.

Final Words

Security bollards are a great product for different situations but you also have to understand and learn about the pros and cons of security bollards whether you are a driver, a pedestrian, or a person going to install bollards on the premises soon. From the above article, you will be clearly able to understand and assess whether the benefits of bollards are worth it drawbacks or not!

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