Tips for maintaining your air conditioning system

A home air conditioning unit is one of the most vital home appliances you can buy. Air conditioners are crucial in the summer because they help cool the air and create a nice atmosphere in your home.It’s difficult when an air conditioner breaks down, especially when the humidity is high. Unmaintained air conditioners use more energy and don’t work as well.That’s when regular air conditioner maintenance comes in. To avoid this, you must be diligent in maintaining your house air conditioners.


Examine all wires

Before you begin, turn off the power of your home air conditioning unit. Remove the condenser access panel and inspect for burned insulation or damaged wires. Examine the contactor switch for excessive pitting. Replace it. Examine all power cables for looseness.As previously said, some of these suggestions may be too much for newbies. So, if you’re stuck on something, call in a professional.


Verify the Drainage System

The condenser of your air conditioner needs to be drained of any extra moisture it may have accumulated. Algae can cause this drain to become clogged.Preventative maintenance includes flushing the line with a little amount of bleach on a regular basis. Generally speaking, one cup is enough.A simple wet/dry vacuum cleaner is usually all that is needed to remove much of the blockage caused by algae or mold.


Thermostat Check

The thermostat is used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you currently use a mechanical thermostat, upgrading to a programmable thermostat is highly recommended.For example, you can set it to raise the temperature when no one is home and lower it half an hour before you return. You’ll return to a relaxed setting and save electricity by not using your AC all day.

Wash and clean the air filter.

Air filters in air conditioners help keep dirt and dust out of your room. These air filters should be free of debris and cleaned regularly to ensure optimal performance. A dirty air filter not only strains the AC but also lowers the room’s air quality. Users can easily clean air filters on a routine basis.


Clean the coils

The coils help the refrigerant absorb heat and cool the room. Dust particles shield the coils, reducing their capacity to absorb heat. In this case, the air conditioner has to work more to keep the room cool. To avoid this, make sure the coils are cleaned periodically.Because the coils are sharp, get them serviced by professionals.


Ensure the condenser fan is working properly.

The condenser unit fan helps the AC work by cooling the refrigerant gas. If it doesn’t work properly, the AC stops cooling the room. If you notice a strange sound emanating from your AC, it could be the condenser unit fan. In this scenario, you must immediately contact professionals to inspect the motor for stiffness or the blades for chips or cracks.


AC maintenance is critical to maximizing your air conditioner’s effectiveness. DIY upkeep ensures optimal airflow and drainage. A programmable thermostat ensures you don’t overrun the unit.Proper electrical and mechanical maintenance ensures proper operation.


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