Ultimate Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO

No doubt, you are not creating a new piece of content for fun. To create a new blog post, you will have to spend enough time and effort. That’s why you have a purpose behind every blog post. You may be creating content for increasing conversions, building engagement or getting high ranking. Whatever your purpose to write the content, you will have to keep in mind some steps. These steps will provide help to you to create the best piece of content for the search engines as well as for human beings. We have designed these steps in the form of a content writing checklist.


Clarify the Expectation in the Web Page Title:

Before starting a blog post, you should know that the web page title is the most important ranking signal for your web page. That’s why you should include it in the web content writing checklist for SEO. The viewers will see the web page title in the SERP. If they find it interesting, they will click on the web page. While creating the web page title, you should include high volume and competitive keywords. Anyhow, you should stay away from the overstuffing. The content writers should not include the brand name in the web page title. It will not provide any help in improving the ranking of your web page. You should use variations of the keywords to clearly define the expectations of the viewers. Moreover, you should also make it click-worthy. To make it click-worthy, you should see the top results in Google against this specific keyword.


Structure the Headings:

While doing the SEO of a web page, you should make sure that readers should stay for a long time on your page. You can do it by including the structure of the headings in the content writing checklist. When you will follow this technique, you can craft the best story for your web page. Moreover, you can also organize the content effectively. To make the story interesting and intriguing, you should make the proper use of headings and subheadings. If you will try to create the content in the form of a giant paragraph, readers will not show interest in your blog post. For the structuring of the headings, you should clearly understand the topic. When you will divide the topic into sub-topics, you can easily structure the headings. It will provide a proper understanding of the topic to the readers.


Write Short Paragraphs:

When you will talk about the perfect content of a web page, experts will tell you that you should divide the content into short paragraphs. Anyhow, they will not tell the exact length or word count of the paragraph. Its reason is that this length may vary with different kinds of content. Along with short paragraphs, you should also make the proper use of bullet points. Anyhow, you should stay away from the run-on sentences. In these short paragraphs, you should present the information in easy to digest manner. Here, you should stay away from technical information. While creating the content for your web page, you should not put the effort into hitting the specific word counts. Therefore, you should also include it in the web content writing checklist.


Add Internal Links of the Relevant Pieces of Content:

It is the best technique to travel the visitors throughout your website. When visitors will travel through your website, they will not navigate back to Google. No doubt, if visitors will stay for a longer time on your website, they will become a fan of your brand. It is also the best way to engage the readers in your brand. Moreover, you can also use this technique to show the authority of your website to the search engines relevant to this topic. Therefore, we can also include internal links in the web content writing checklist. While adding the internal links, you should be very careful. You should add those links only that are aligning with the topic of the web page. If you will add irrelevant links, these links will not provide a cohesive experience to the viewers.


Use Images and Graphics in the Story:

Recommended by an online dissertation firm, if you want to add value to a piece of content, you should never forget to add visuals to the web content writing checklist. By using these visuals, you can further illustrate your point and you can also clarify a step. Some writers are including them to entertain the viewers. While adding images or graphics, you should look for the magic numbers. You can add images and graphics based on the content of your web page. The viewers can also include them based on the interest of the viewers. Anyhow, while including images, you should keep in mind some essential points. First, you should optimize the alt tags in these images. Secondly, you should compress the file size of these images for instant loading. At last, you should check the display of these images both on the mobile and desktop.


Add a CTA:

You should also include CTA in the web content writing checklist. It is the must-have part of all the web pages. When you will add the CTA, you can tell the readers what they should do next. You can add CTA based on your business requirements. Some businessmen want to get more sign-ups. They can include a sign-up pop up as the CTA. Some businessmen want to gather the email addresses of the viewers. They can ask the viewers to drop their email addresses. Some businessmen may want to increase the sales of their products or services. They can ask the viewers to buy products or services by clicking on a specific link.



To improve the SEO of a web page, you should follow a web content writing checklist. When you will follow this checklist, you can fulfil all the requirements of the on-page SEO of a web page. While preparing this checklist, first of all, you will have to intrigue the viewers to click on your web page. You can do it by adding an intriguing page title. Secondly, you should make the story interesting by adding headings and sub-headings. Thirdly, instead of creating large and fluffy sentences, you should rely on short sentences. Fourthly, to engage the readers with your brand, you should include internal links to the relevant web pages. At last, you should add a clearly defined CTA.

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