What is Typically Included in Personal Home Care West Orlando FL?

There’s no doubt that you can’t manage some things that used to be so easy. Does this mean that it’s time to think about moving into some sort of facility? That’s not necessarily true. What may be needed is some sort of personal home care West Orlando FL that ensures you can remain in your home and have the support that ensures a reasonable quality of life. Here are some examples of the type of care that’s normally included in this approach.

Assistance With Personal Hygiene

One daily task that has become increasingly hard to manage is taking a shower or bath. The main issue is getting in and out of the tub, or being able to reach all the spots that need attention. The good news is that a caregiver can provide whatever degree of help you need to ensure that you always feel fresh and clean.

The aid can range from helping you in and out of the tub or shower to being on hand to help wash the hair or even scrub your back. After the bath, the caregiver can also help you get dressed. It’s up to you to declare how much help is needed. Rest assured that the caregiver will remain close enough to intervene if you are about to lose your balance or otherwise need help.

Taking Care of Food Preparation and Clean Up

There was a time when you could whip up a meal, serve everything, then go clean up the kitchen without breaking a sweat. Those days are gone. Now anything more complex than using a microwave oven takes a lot of effort. What you need is a caregiver who can manage the cooking and the clean up.

With the right person, it’s possible to enjoy nutritious meals that are ideal for any type of diet that your doctor recommends. All you have to do is be ready to eat. The caregiver will see to preparing the food, setting the table, providing assistance with using the cutlery if necessary, and then handling the clean up. That leaves you to settle into a chair and enjoy a book or your favorite movie.

Handling the Driving

Thanks to slower reflexes, you are no longer getting behind the wheel. Even so, there are times when you want to do a little shopping, go to see a doctor, or just get out of the house for a little while. Thanks to the caregiver who provides personal home care West Orlando FL, there is no need to call a cab or some sort of ride share.

When you need to go somewhere, leave the driving to the caregiver. Ride along in the passenger seat, or settle into the back seat if you like. Since the caregiver is driving, you’re free to look around and note things along the route that you never noticed before.

Helping You Move Around The House

Moving around is not as easy as in the past. It does take extra effort to get out of a chair. The same is true when it comes to getting up in the morning. When you’re having trouble getting around, the caregiver can lend a hand.

This can mean helping you move from a sitting to a standing position by providing the support of an arm. When you need to go from one room to the next, the caregiver can aid by walking with you. The result is that you don’t feel as if you have to remain in one spot any longer than you wish.

If these are examples of the type of help that would allow you to remain in the home, contact a local agency today. They may have someone available now that would provide exactly the type of support that you need.

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