Chadar Trek: A Complete Guide to Adventure

As long as the title is enough for you to get to know us, we won’t gloat. However, if you are satisfied with the suspicion of Zanskar Chadar Trek in Ladakh, let us assure you that this will always give you the right to gloat.

Over the mountains and ridges to block the dangerous path, the white snow statically pressed the wild stream and the freezing temperature on all sides, all this during the 75-kilometer journey. If you think that no experience can reclassify your life, this trip will change everything.

 Chadar Trek: Inspiration

Chadar means ice: a thick layer of ice drives the Zanskar current that has been wild. Winter is here and the civilization that lives in the valleys and canyons is blocked by snow. More importantly, if there is a crisis, the ice on this waterway can connect the residents of this remote valley to the world.

People may label travel a new fad, but Chadar is unique. This is the closest place to walk on the ice sheet. Failure levels, peak tables, and experiences are the first choice for every trip you can imagine. The simple idea of ​​a fruitful effort on these snow rocks is unparalleled. This is by no means a trip, but another type of rebirth. More importantly, to be a part of it requires vigilance and absolute planning.

 The best time to go to Chadar Trek

January and February; from January to the end of February, people can feel the primitive urge to walk in the frozen stream. The journey generally takes 910 days and at least 1618 kilometers per day.

 Climate Details      

The daytime temperature in Leh is between 10 and 0 degrees Celsius, depending on weather conditions. The temperature began to drop after dark, and the temperature dropped to 25 degrees Celsius. A down coat is an undisputed requirement when traveling, and in Leh, there are warm gloves and hats. If you visit the monastery, it is important to take off your shoes and a pair of thick, warm socks are essential. For severe weather conditions, people must have legal travel equipment to withstand viral winds and alarming snowfall.

 Chadar Trek definition itinerary

 Day 1-Arrival in Leh

Upon arrival in Leh, you will be transferred to the designated residence. The main day will be spent in the room to suit the height. This is essential for the next few days. Overnight in the dormitory.

 Day 2-Get used to the environment Day

On the second day, you can explore and investigate the features around Leh on your own, or in any case, relax in the hotel. Stay at the inn for a while.

 Day 3-Checkup

Today, you will be taken to the community emergency clinic in Leh for a health check. This is the interaction required by public authorities to obtain a clinical statement before embarking on the Chadar journey. In addition to this, it is necessary to obtain a statement of leeway after the clinical examination that the clinic will conduct. After accepting that the member is suitable and making adjustments for travel, this will can be provided. A short stay in the accommodation.

 Day 4-Leh-Shingrayokma-Tsomopaldar

After lunch, you will drive to the charming valley and briefly visit the Indus River and Zanskar Waterway at the junction of Nimoo. From Nimoo, you can drive straight towards ShingraYokma to start the tour of the street. Overnight in a tent.

 Day 5-Tsomo Paldar-Dibb Cave

Today you will start your journey to Dibb Cave. Walking through the deep crevices of the Zanska Valley, you will see rugged cliffs and flawless snow on both sides. Before the end of the day, people will reach the cave, which is a navigation point for the locals. The camp will be located here overnight.

 Day 6-Draw Cave-Nilak

After lunch, you will pass a pleasant crevasse intersection and head to the city of Tilak. During the tour, you will pass a huge frozen waterfall, which is the stopping point for boat trips in August and September. The current camp will be set up in the city of Nyerak and you will be able to investigate the city at night. We will spend the night in a tent.

 Day 7-Nyerak-Hetang

Departing from Nyerak, today you will follow a similar route to Hetang. At the end of the day, you can stay in a tent for a short time.

 Day 8-Hetang-Shingra Yokma

You will head to Shingra Yokma after lunch. Walking on the thick ice, this trip will take 9 hours, including a short break. After the journey, you will be taken back to Leh and stay overnight in the hotel.

 Day 9-Depart Leh

On the last day of the entire itinerary, you will be transferred to the terminal, from then on you can.

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