Which books to read for IAS | Best books to read for IAS 2021

Greeting friends! In this article, we will be going to read about the ‘Which books to read for IAS‘ which can ensure your success in the exam. See the dreams everyone sees but cannot afford, and dreams come true only for those who pay the price. There is such a dream of becoming an IAS, If you truly want to become an IAS then this article can prove to be very helpful for you.

The UPSC syllabus is considered to be very massive and there are hundreds of books to prepare for the exam. The IAS exam or any other civil service exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

UPSC exam was earlier scheduled on 27th Jun 2021, but due to the second wave of covid-19, this exam now is held on 10th October 2021.


Have A Look At Which books to read for IAS

We have listed the `Which books to read for IAS.` after hours of research and testing. Hope you will like them!


1). Indian Polity 6th Edition


Author- M. Laxmikanth

The book is, no doubt, a single most recommended book for Polity subject for any competitive examinations, whether it is a Government exam or Any other competitive exam.

The book covers all the essence of the Constitution along with the historical approach. Further, it extends to elaborations even to the latest issues about Indian politics. Most suitable for those approaching the field of study on Indian Government and Politics topic for the first time.

It is accumulated with lots of refined research works and each subject matter is so well categorized that even a student who knows to read and write will understand this book with ease.
And this is surely a must-buy book if you are preparing for any kind of Civil or State Examinations.
In fact, I suggest that at least once in your life you should read.


2). A Brief History Of Modern India


Author- Rajiv Ahir

About the book, it is great and rich in its content. It has covered all the corners of modern Indian history that are mostly needed for the civil service exam. You will find a part of polity in it. Must buy the book for civil service aspirants.

Best book for WBCS or UPSC examination with the right amount of information needed. You will definitely enjoy reading this book as it is written in simple language. A summary is given at the end of each chapter containing important events with dates.


3). India After Gandhi


Author- Ramachandra Guha

If telling a story is an art, Ramachandra Guha Sir is an indispensable master of it. Through his writing, he has yet again proved that ‘ Simplicity is the best form of Sophistication’.
Although it’s a huge novel of around 800 pages, once you sit with it you get so engrossed that you just can’t leave it in between.

“No Other Book” comes even close in describing the events of 70 years journey of Independent India and how it has shaped our present. It’s not just about the political history but talks about the real meaning of democracy to a common man, freedom of speech, ethnicity, communalism, federalism, culture, and other similar aspects.
This is the most authentic source to know about the facts for any layman instead of reading the manipulated history told by politicians via speeches and social networking platforms.
It is a book that will transform you from semi-literates to literates as far as post-independent history is concerned. And only semi-literates can be manipulated by the discourses established with an agenda and not based on facts.


4). Certificate Physical and Human Geography


Author- Goh Cheng Leong

This book presents a compendious analysis of physical geography, climatology, and climatic zones. It is written in a limpid style and the author has tried his best to present only the most important facts without irrelevant trivia. This makes it ideal for quick revision and obviates making notes because almost every single line of this book is essential from the exam point of view. The author has also used a profusion of diagrams to illustrate the geographical features and climatic zones which greatly aid comprehension and retention.


5). Oxford Student Atlas For India


Author- Oxford University press

Students who are preparing for the competitive exam like UPSC CSEand other group exams are useful
The points and highlights of information are good for reversing.
It covers all the points because it was published in the last edition in DEC 2019
The point is described essentially so that we can learn and effectively prepare for the exam.
Best for a geographical map and to study economic, international relations too as it requires identifying the area in MAP.


6). The Indian Economy


Top grade book for economics. It concludes all the aspects as per exams with easy language and a great concept for beginners. book is divided into 4 parts contains domestic and global economy things is fantabulous manner. printing quality is good and easily readable.

This is the best book to prepare for all competitive exams in general and UPSC in particular. The A to Z of Economics plus detailed Budget analysis (2019-2020) and Economic Survey all clubbed in one book. This book plus Economics Current Affairs would definitely help sail over the Economics paper in UPSC.

FAQS Related to UPSC Preparation Books


  • 1). How many hours should a UPSC aspirant study from books?

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According to the experts, an aspirant should study for 10-12 hours a day.

  • 2). Is the UPSC preparation book is costly?
  • No, the UPSC preparation book is not very costly in both the online and offline markets.
  • 3). What is the full form of UPSC?

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission.



We showed you the best ‘UPSC books’ above, if you choose any 2 or 3 books out of these, then you will feel definitely some improvement in your preparation.

Stay Motivated!


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