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Design Ideas To Have an Insta-Worthy Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. It must be a comfortable place to be in after long hours of accomplishing your daily tasks. Additionally, it is where you relax and recharge to gain the energy needed to survive another day at work or in school. However, not all bedrooms can give you these benefits. What you need to do to achieve this kind of sleeping area is to design it the right way. Once you do this, you will instantly have a tranquil and stylish place to be in every after being productive.


The design ideas listed below can help you create an insta-worthy bedroom. As a result, you no longer have to go anywhere else if you want to take an aesthetically pleasing photo and post it on your social media accounts. It will only take you a few clicks on our device to have the photo you have in mind.

1.  Add luxury chairs


When designing your bedroom, you must not forget to add luxury chairs because they offer a lot of perks. Not only can luxury chairs provide additional comfort but they are also capable of contributing extra drama and style to space. There is an elegant range of chairs that you can find in any physical and online retail store that choosing one can be overwhelming. If you aim to play with texture, buy luxury chairs with bright colors and are made from velvet materials. On the other hand, it is better to purchase luxury chairs with additional storage space if your bedroom looks cramped and crowded due to your huge number of belongings. For a more comfortable bedroom, you may add luxury chairs that can also serve as recliners.

2.  Purchase tall standout lighting


Lighting is one of the crucial elements when designing a bedroom. It must not be too bright to not disturb you when you are having a good night’s sleep. It should not be too dim because it has the possibility of damaging your eyesight. Besides that, it will not look great in photos. Purchase standout lighting that can provide the right amount of brightness into the space. You may place it on the side of your luxury chair which will serve as your reading nook in your bedroom.

3.  Have a beautiful bedding


Aside from purchasing luxury chairs and lighting fixtures, you also have to consider having beautiful bedding. It can make the space as luxurious as possible. Your bed must be of high quality and features several decorative items like throws, blankets, and cushions. They must be properly arranged to not ruin their look. Fold the blanket or throw properly and neatly and place it on top of the bed. It will serve as an additional layer that will contribute to a more appealing and comfortable sleeping space. It is recommended to mix different sizes and materials for the cushion because they have the power to create more texture. Don’t forget to add a bedside rug to make your bedroom a little extraordinary.

4.  Create a bold feature wall

The best way to achieve an insta-worthy bedroom is by enhancing the look of the walls. If you are not strong enough to change the paint color of the whole room, might as well choose only one and turn it into a bold feature wall.  You can be as creative as you want for its design, color, and pattern. Once you are done decorating it, you might be surprised how it can have a great positive impact on the overall appearance of your bedroom. Most interior designers recommend the use of dark navy and burnt red because they are oozing with character and style. If you don’t like them, you may opt for energetic colors like purple. They can make the space feel and look elegant while maintaining its vibrant and welcoming vibe.

In Conclusion         

The design ideas above require an amount of money but it will be worth it in the end because you will have a better sleeping space. It is time to treat yourself by redesigning your bedroom. After adding luxury chairs, standout lighting, beautiful bedding, and a feature wall, take a photo and post it on your Instagram account. For sure, a lot of people would be so happy with the transformation!

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