Quandle’s All-in-One Payroll Management Software

You have definitely come across this term called “payroll” if you are a working professional or will be encountering it in near future.

Basically, payroll is the collection of financial records of earnings, pay, rewards, total compensation, and reductions in the workforce. Managing and handling the same in an organization is known as payroll management. The whole responsibility falls on the shoulder of the HR department.

Consent management needs to ensure fully informed consent on the customer side and that those permissions are strictly followed throughout the data’s lifecycle at

It’s a brainer to understand that payroll management for large companies is a really complicated task. With loads full of income tax regulation and monetary jurisdiction, organizing the process without a well-designed payroll software or payroll system, as you may say, comes with a lot of risks. Any government shall charge fines in case of any discrepancy. Payroll software has an integrated system known as a payroll management systemwhich facilitates a hassle-free process for the company and the HR team.

One such excellent software in the market is Quandle’sHR Payroll software.

About Quandle’s Compensation Management Software

So, as discussed above, Qandle-designed all-new Payroll management softwareis quite an amazing platform for companies and new startups, struggling to chalk a proper safety plan for the deliverance of payroll amounts to workers.

Let’s unveil the top reasons why you should switch to Qandle, next!

The Employee Payroll Management Software includes-

  • Compensation Structuring –

Multi-dimensional structuring of payments to all classes of employees is one of the leading highlights of this HR and Payroll Software.The services comprise employee self-service, salary updation, auto-generation of paying and tax slips, incentive payment, and lots more

  • All-round and final monetary settlements –

Qandle’s Payroll Management Software auto-calculates the full and final amounts with FnF slip statements, leave encashments, investment-dependant tax reductions, etc.

  • Error-deficit Processing –

Payroll and HR software are highly regarded for error-free payments to employees, taking everything into consideration. Manual processing surely falls short, compared to Payroll management systems.Checking and balancing gross amount – everything takes place seamlessly.

  • Arrear Payments –

Quandle’sPayroll Software diligently crosschecks previous payments’ history and facilitates overdue reimbursements or arrears payments smoothly.

  • Advanced Analytics –

This Payroll and HR software follows the policy of “Slice and split the compensation data as necessary for analysis”!

Just like an HR may ask you “Why should we hire you?”, you may even wonder reading this blog – “Why should we use this?”. A lot ofpayroll software is available in the market. But why Quandle’s?

  • An all-in-one HR platform that unburdens the huge pressure of managing the time-to-time payroll processes of the company.
  • Absolutely error-free delivery of work
  • Highly profound analytics tools embedded for a better user experience
  • Very reliable bank-grade security (PCI DSS). End-to-end (SHA-2, 2048-bit) encryption of all transmitted data.
  • Fully configurable, requiring only 2 weeks’ time for set up.
  • Immensely pocket-friendly software to implement in your company as a proper Employee Payroll Management System


This article encompasses all necessary and technical aspects of Qandle’s HR and Payroll software. This saves so much time that can be allocated to other aspects of the company while keeping the business person out of legal jeopardy.

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