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5 Inspiring Wedding Dress Color Trends to Watch

Are you planning a wedding? In the United States, there are around 2.4 million weddings each year.

If you think a wedding dress is boring, we’re here to tell you that you are wrong. Many wedding dress color trends will surprise you and make your day memorable!

Our team has gathered the best ideas to help you choose, but you should also know that all trends are made to be broken, so you should feel free to make up your own rules!

Look at our selections, and let this inspire your big day!

  1. Dark Blue

This bold hue can make a statement with its regal and timeless aura. A simple, light blue spaghetti-strap dress with subtle lace detailing is an attractive option for a modern and delicate look. For a romantic, fairytale aesthetic, a voluminous dark blue ball gown with a lace overlay will wow guests.

Dark Blue is even ideal for the contemporary bride with its ability to be paired with bright colors or contrasting textures like sheer fabrics. An ombre gown or a dress with a patchwork of different blue shades can be impactful with its multi-dimensional style.

  1. Black Theme

This year’s most exciting trend is bright black hues like metallic black and even distinctive accents like floral patterns printed on black backgrounds. Metallic blacks paired with soft whites give an elegant and classic look, while black floral prints are an exciting take on the traditional look.

For a more modern look, black and white are paired together to make quite a statement. It combines sophistication and edginess for a wedding theme that will keep your guests talking long after the big day.

  1. Champagne and White

The combination of champagne’s subtle radiating amber tones and the crispness of white creates a dreamy, timeless romance perfect for a bride. Popular several decades ago, champagne and white dresses have been given a modern makeover with detailed lacework, low backs, and beautiful beading.

These two colors look best with warm tones such as blush, peach, and ivory. Brides wearing this color combo can be sure they will look exquisite and inspiring on their special day.

  1. Brown Wedding Colors

A brown wedding dress can come in many shades and textures, making it the perfect color to fit your unique style. The best part about a brown wedding gown is its versatility: it is classic enough for a traditional church ceremony and glamorous enough for a chic city celebration.

With shades ranging from subtle sepia to rich chocolate, you’re sure to find the perfect shade that speaks to your fashion sensibilities and brings out the best in you on your special day!

  1. Green Wedding Colors

Green wedding colors are the perfect way to add a personal touch and make your wedding day unique. With shades ranging from soft and muted sage to bright and bold emeralds, there is something for everyone.

For the daring bride, a two-tone dress featuring a light mint-green bodice and a pale skirt is perfect. If you are planning a wedding, it’s best to work with an expert to find your wedding dress. Reputable wedding dress shops can offer you a wide selection of high-quality dresses to choose from.

Choose the Best Wedding Dress Color

From timeless classics like white and ivory to daring statement pieces in blues and purples, a wedding dress color trend suits any personality this season. So, if you’re looking for the perfect dress to make your big day special, take inspiration from these color trends and try it!

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